If I was in some Disney movie and was granted three wishes, one of those wishes would be that dogs live forever. These amazing creatures for the most part just want to show us unconditional love. They don’t want to do anything except show you love and spend time with you which is why I wanted to discuss the longest living dog breeds just in case you’re thinking about getting a dog soon. 

Before we jump into specific dog breeds and their life expectancy, remember that dogs are a long commitment. The last thing a dog needs is to be passed around and never truly know where their home is, so please remember when you get a dog you need to be there for them until the very end.  

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The Most Difficult Part About Owning a Dog 

My two dogs at home make life so much better, but one thing I know is that my “princess” Gypsy is getting older. You can see it in her face with the white hair and her activity level, but I will spoil her until she crosses that rainbow bridge. Just know that when you get a dog, they need you, so make sure you’re there for them all the way until the end. 

Let’s Look at the Longest Living Dog Breeds 

If you’re looking for a dog here in Texas, I highly suggest you adopt one from one of the local rescue facilities. There are hundreds of dogs in our area just waiting for their forever home. Now let’s look at the dog breeds with the longest life expectancy.  

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