It's February which means we're, what, about three months from high school graduation. Which means that many of our East Texas graduates will be heading off to college. That college may be in East Texas at Tyler Junior College or LeTourneau University or Jarvis Christian College or maybe to a larger division I school in say Austin or College Station or Waco, just to name three. College is expensive so any financial help is always welcome. That's where Longview Mayor Andy Mack and the City of Longview come in.

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Longview Mayor Andy Mack has been hosting this essay contest for a couple of years , give or take, now. He is looking for any graduating senior from Longview, Pine Tree, Spring and Hallsville to submit their essay for a chance to win a $2,000 scholarship. One senior from each school will be selected to receive this scholarship.

Where does this money come from?

The funds come from Mayor Andy Mack and Councilwoman Kristen Ishihara. Instead of receiving an annual stipend for their service to the City of Longview, both chose to turn that stipend into this scholarship opportunity. Politicians using money wisely, would've thunk it.

If you have a graduating student at Longview, Pine Tree, Spring Hill or Hallsville and would like them to enter for a chance to win this scholarship, just head over to and fill out the application and submit their one page essay to enter. The deadline is Friday, April 15. Any submissions after that date WILL NOT be accepted.

Good luck to all of the class of 2022.

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