What an exciting couple of years this has been for East Texas' own, Patrick Mahomes.

Obviously he has been busy solidifying his place amongst the greatest quarterbacks of all time, even at such a young age.

But on top of that, he's delved into investments and business endeavors, become engaged, and even became a daddy to a little girl! Whew. Sounds like a happy whirlwind.

But on top of being amazing in so many arenas, both literal and metaphorical, Mahomes is also proving to be a really, really good boyfriend/fiancé/husband-to-be to his long-time love, Brittany Matthews.

Photo source: Screenshot from Hollywood News YouTube Channel
Photo source: Screenshot from Hollywood News YouTube Channel

Recently, Mahomes went ALL out for Brittany's surprise 26th birthday party last weekend.

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Matthews revealed some of the happy birthday goings-on with fans on her Instagram page, @brittanylynne, starting with a view of some of the gorgeous dresses Patrick had given her the evening before. (So already, he's off to a really good start.)

She picked the red one as you'll see in the clip before they headed out into Brittany's birthday evening, the events of which were still a mystery to her.

People Magazine reports she said '"birthday shenanigans are beginning, and I don't know where I'm going!" she said before panning the camera over to Mahomes, who simply nodded and smiled at the camera without revealing the destination."

Photo source: Screenshot from Access Hollywood YouTube Channel
Photo source: Screenshot from Access Hollywood YouTube Channel

Once they arrived at the destination, Brittany discovered the entrance had been decorated with balloons that spelled out "26," as they continued into a lovely room with blue-cloth draped tables throughout.

Brittany still wasn't sure exactly where they were as she was escorted through a door to a lovely dining setting for two with incredible views of the city. Upon being seated, Brittany noticed the cocktail menu was personalized with 'Brittany Lynne' at the top. 

Clearly, she was already delighted with the evening. She posted an IG photo of a smiling Patrick with the caption "thank you so much for making my birthday so dang special."

But the best was yet to come. 

Photo source: Screenshot from Access Hollywood YouTube Channel
Photo source: Screenshot from Access Hollywood YouTube Channel

As they sat outside enjoying their dinner overlooking the city, unbeknownst to Brittany, friends and family had begun arriving in the venue. Once Patrick and Brittany finished dinner and walking back inside, the DJ called for the party-goers to "make some noise."

Brittany was surprised to the point of stunned. Thankfully, you can see this in the story videos taken by her family and friends--including Jackson Mahomes, Patrick's younger brother.

After Brittany's joyful reaction, she and Patrick danced and embraced sweetly. 

Afterwards, Brittany changed into a sparkle-covered white dress to continue the celebration, including the official "Happy Birthday" song. At the end of the evening, she posted an out-of-focus, but truly sweet photo of her and Patrick kissing.

Happy Birthday, indeed.

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