Every now and then, looking up at the sky causes us humans to feel small in the universe. Tonight is one of those nights, but at least we'll get a light show! According to the Weather Channel, the Orinoid Meteor Shower - a producer of some of the brightest meteors we'll see all year - will be visible for many.

The phenomenon occurs as Earth passes through a field of meteoroids, which comes from the debris of Halley's Comet, reports NBC DFW. And since it should be a moonless night, people should be able to see a few meteors with the naked eye. That is, if the region you're in doesn't have cloud coverage or extreme light pollution.

Timeanddate.com says at its peak, we can expect to see as many as 20 meteors per hour. The best time to catch these space rocks will be between Midnight and just before dawn tonight and Saturday night. You can check out specific peak times for your region on their website here.


There are a couple varying reports for visibility in East Texas, while West Texas looks like it might get a bit more of a show. The map on USA Today provided by AccuWeather puts East Texas in the 'fair visibility' range while Weather.com has us in 'bad visibility' range.

Well, if you're awake, it doesn't hurt to look up every once in a while. Maybe take a camera with you. We'd love to see some shots of the big Texas sky.

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