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With fall's official arrival, many East Texas families are looking for those perfect locations to get a great picture of the kids in a fall setting. While my wife and I were out just wasting time this past weekend, I believe we stumbled upon a great place for fall pictures with the kids.  Ellis Pottery in Longview.

My wife and I made a trip to Longview for fun from Tyler this past weekend for a change of scenery and we found ourselves stopping into Ellis Pottery on Hwy. 259 North in Longview. She discovered this decorating superstore a few years ago and makes a trip back each year, usually more closer to Thanksgiving though. Right after pulling into the parking lot, we both noticed a huge inflatable pumpkin. This thing is massive and it's also accompanied by some bails of hay, pumpkins and straw figures. We noticed that there were at least two families waiting to take pictures with their kids underneath this ginormous pumpkin.

Once in the parking lot, there are literally thousands of pumpkins and other gourds that are lying around and lining the sidewalk trail and setting the perfect scene for some fall pictures. Once on this trail of pumpkins, Ellis Pottery has little scenes set up where you can take pictures of your kids, family and even selfies for the fall. In addition to the scenes, there's a gigantic longhorn created out of pumpkins along with the state of Texas too! They have other designs that are created out of pumpkins that are pretty cool.

Your kids could be sitting on an old John Deere tractor, underneath an arch of green honeysuckle with pumpkins all around, or holding onto some pumpkins as they sit on a bail of hay by an old wagon or sticking their heads through some cut-outs of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick, and other fall scenes. There's even a kid-sized maze made out of old pallets that the kids can try to go through.

This is a pretty cool discovery that I didn't know anything about and best of all it was free.  No sitting fees!  Free backgrounds for your kids' fall pictures and if they happen to pick up that perfect pumpkin for the photo, you can always buy it and take it home with you.

Ellis Pottery In Longview Is Perfect For Fall Family Pictures

When you're looking for a great setting or background for a fall picture with the kids or family, try Ellis Pottery in Longview. Best of all there's no sitting fee!

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