Whether you're new to Tyler and East Texas or you've lived here your whole life it can be difficult to meet new friends. We are all so busy being pulled in a million different directions so when you have a few hours to relax and enjoy where do you go to meet people. With so many people struggling with this, I saw the question posted online and I wanted to share the answers that were suggested.

Before I push anyone to any location to meet friends please remember to be careful and safe, there are lots of good people here but don't put yourself in a bad situation. The reason I bring that up is because as you would expect many suggestions included a bar, I just want you to be safe.

For the Most Part You Will Love the People in Tyler

While there can be a few bad apples in every bunch, if you're looking to make friends in Tyler you are in luck because almost everyone here is genuine and kind. You will still hear people saying please and thank you, people will hold open a door for you. It's part of the charm of East Texas and something you will truly love.

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Don't Be Afraid to Start a Conversation

If you do visit one of these suggestions to make some new friends, don't be afraid to spark up a conversation. Most people are happy to chat with you and welcome you to Tyler. Be brave, start the conversation, that's the only way you're going to make new friends.

Now here are the suggestions on where to go if you're looking to make some new friends:

Locations in Tyler to Make Some New Friends:

Here is a list of great spots to meet new friends if you're in Tyler.

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