If you have a really fun weekend planned, that might mean you're headed to Louisiana. One site says Texas is just a mediocre place for fun, but Louisiana is a Top 5 spot for amusement. Really?  Ok, why?!

These "fun" rankings are based on several things, and it's a whole lot more than just your co-workers telling silly jokes all day.  Although that does brighten up the office a smidge.

Wallethub came up with the Most Fun States in America, and based it on 22 different factors, including the number of casinos available, movie theaters, beaches, fitness centers, restaurants per capita, and access to national parks.

Here's one shocker.  Texas ranks #48 for the number of golf courses per capita.  It feels like they are everywhere!  But apparently not.  You guys do a super job and sniffing them out and spending hours slicing and drinking or whatever it is you do out there, but it's not enough to make Texas a fun state.  Texas ranks #34 overall on the fun list, and our neighbors over in Louisiana ranks 4th.  They have those casinos and all.

If you're wondering, Nevada tops the list as the most fun state in America, and then South Dakota, Colorado, North Dakota, New York, Wyoming, Oregon, Louisiana, Montana, and Hawaii are next.

Would you rather spend a weekend in Texas or South Dakota?  I'll take your fun backyard party in Longview over a Saturday afternoon hanging out with buffalo on the range up north.

Maybe we don't have the most national parks or casinos (because we can't), but we can argue that Texas has the most fun people, right?  Texans can be a hoot.  And that's a little more important than all the "stuff," anyway.

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