Here we hearken back to the "good ole' days" of 2018 before we'd ever heard the words "Covid-19" or "Coronavirus."

Back in July of 2018, there was a much different kind of viral spread happening around the country--a much happier and healthier one:

The Lip Sync Challenge.

Police departments across the country blew off some steam and had a bit of fun with these truly cheer-inducing challenges that revealed that not only do these amazing people protect and serve their communities every single day--but they definitely know how to have fun, too. 

And watching their lip sync challenge was so much fun for the rest of us. 

The first time I watched this video of the City of Tyler Police Department, I was frankly surprised, delighted, and amazed at the talent and fun-loving vibes they conveyed. Many of us were.

Accompanied by Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling," a large swath of the department took us on a fun and hilarious journey as they lip synced, danced, and/or dramatized their way through the Tyler Police Department HQ and around the City of Tyler.

Seriously, watching this video will give you an entirely new perspective of one of East Texas own police departments. Enjoy these chuckle-inducing new perspectives of the brave men and women who keep us safe every single day.

And maybe next time you're pulled over for speeding, you can remember this video and at least relax a little. (Not that getting pulled over is ever fun...but it may help.)

Dear Tyler Police Department--thank you for doing this. And watching it again two years later is just as delightful as it was before.

Also, to all of our East Texas Police Departments--please do more of these. We LOVE seeing your STAR POWER! (And we all need all the cheerfulness we can get right now.) <3

Thank you for what you do for us all each and every single day. 

Here are a few photo highlights from the video--which you can see in its marvelous entirety below: 

Photo Highlights from the Tyler Police Department's Lip Sync Challenge!

Dear Tyler Police Department--thank you for doing this. And watching it again is just as delightful as it was before. Please do more!


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