If you've never taken time to check out East Texas own online celebrity, do yourself a favor and go check out Pop Watch forthwith. We'll provide links to both the YouTube Channel and Facebook page below.

Joe Mack Roy, aka 'Pop,' of Longview is not only much loved by East Texans, but actually by people all over the country and beyond. There's just something about his plainspoken manner that will almost certainly make you smile, if not outright laugh out loud.

As a matter of fact, he has almost 160,000 subscribers on YouTube and MILLIONS have liked the Pop Watch Facebook page. And for good reason...

It's actually Pop's devoted grandson, Jason, who creates the hilarious content that we love so much. (Thanks, Jason.)

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/JOEMACKPOP
Photo courtesy of facebook.com/JOEMACKPOP

As we've mentioned in our previous article about Pop, "the hilarious part is when you see pop's genuine reaction to everyday things. Pop is saying all the things that we are thinking, with the charm of an older gentleman."

I think we've all been craving that--particularly in a modern world that can become SO politically correct, it can strip away some of the authenticity and eccentric charm of our interactions with our fellow East Texans.

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Recently, Jason shared that Pop had been at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas to have a procedure done on his throat. While weren't able to glean what it was specifically, we were happy to hear that it went okay and Pop was in "good spirits." 

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/JOEMACKPOP
Photo courtesy of facebook.com/JOEMACKPOP

Jason's grandmother and Pop's wife 'Nan' "said his throat [was] pretty sore so he [was] having trouble eating his jello and drinking liquids."

Thankfully, there hadn't been any complications.

This past Saturday, Jason posted an update video on the Pop Watch YouTube channel to let us all know the latest on how he was feeling. Pop was not particularly wanting to eat the hospital food (he's not alone there), though he was okay with taking in liquids.

Jason said he felt his Pop was being stubborn. Which is, of course, one of the reasons we love him so much. At the same time, when it comes to doing what the doctors recommend to help ya heal, it can be a challenge. We'll share the video below.

Here's what Jason had to say: 

He has got to understand that the hospitals wont just let him leave on his word...he has got to be able to show that he can eat his food and it properly digests before he can be released.


So we are all rooting for Pop....just taking a lot more time that we anticipated...but Pop will get through it....at some point. Thanks for hanging in there with us!

Jason, we'll definitely be hanging in there with y'all. Sending love to Pop, Nan, you, and your whole family. 

By the way, here's the link to the Pop Watch Facebook page, too.

Get better, Pop. We all miss you.

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