"Where are some of the best places in Tyler for hosting larger groups of people?" 

What do we mean by "larger groups?" Really, this could include any number that would exceed the normal "walk-in" number. So any number over 12. Thinking more along the lines of 40 - 50 people.

But honestly, what it means to host "large groups" varies greatly from person to person and quite dependent on the event. A couple of the venues mentioned could host up to 350 plus! Particularly those that tend to host weddings--which is the subject of a future posts.

For now, we're just focusing primarily on casual-ish groups over 12 but under 100.

I have a few stock answers--places I love and with which I'm familiar. But anytime anyone asks that question, I realized I really didn't have as many answers for them as I should, given that I've lived here for so many years. 

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But then, serendipitously, a member in one of the various Facebook groups of which I'm a member posed this same question yet again. I focused in as this is something I definitely want the answer to myself.

East Texans are just so helpful. Really. One more thing I love about living here. Response after response after response was added. Some of the responses? Definitely on my list of favorites. But some of the others, although I'm familiar with them, hadn't even entered my mind as a possibility for hosting larger groups.

I took notes so I could share them with you. Although many were mentioned, including offers from some of our talented East Texas caterers who will provide a meal for your large group at a home, these were the ten answers most commonly given to the lady's question (and please feel free to add any you think should be on this list):

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