This has not been a good year for Caroline Bryan's legs. Luke Bryan's wife had to see a doctor again after injuring herself doing something stupid.

That's not us judging. Bryan said as much on Instagram, where she shared a photo of herself with a boot on her right leg, holding the family dog, who suffered his own injury that we'll get to in a moment.

"We both needed the infirmary today," Caroline Bryan writes. "Gotta be tough when you’re stupid!"

OK, here's the picture:

In June of 2020, a turkey named Big Al slashed Caroline Bryan's left leg to the point that he hit a tendon and she needed stitches. She limped around for a few days after that while Luke figured out what to do with the bird. He'd later admit Al was relocated to his family's other property.

"Al’s options were very limited," Bryan told Taste of Country. "He’s lucky he got Caroline’s option, because I had my option."

Caroline's photo also shows the family dog, Boss, in a cone. That's explained by a comment on the post.

"Boss got into a fight with a cat, I got into a fight with myself. We both lost!" Caroline Bryan writes.

Her followers offered a mix of sympathy and jokes. Luke himself appears with news that he's gone currently, filming American Idol. "Damn. I leave for idol and everyone gets hurt," he writes.

Actor and former Reba co-star Melissa Peterman may have the most to say.

"'Boot & Cone' coming this summer to NBC," she writes, hyping a fictitious television show. "They didn't want to be partners, but together crime doesn't have a chance. He lives for the chase, and she has the thumbs for paperwork."

Hey, we'd watch, but hopefully, there's a couple of good stunt people, because Caroline Bryan might be a risk to her own health and safety.

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