Thieves are the absolute worst. They feel it's perfectly okay to take someone's possession that the victim has worked very hard to buy through their hard work. News flash, it's not okay. Just because you (meaning the thief) do not have the means to own something does not mean you (meaning the thief) can just take it. Change your attitude and learn that hard work is the proper way to own something you (meaning the thief) want. This situation occurred in Mabank, Texas on Monday, December 18 as a thief with bad brakes and even worse backing up skills stole an RV that wasn't his or hers.

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Theft in Mabank

Mabank Police posted a video to their Facebook page Monday, December 18 of a male or female thief pulled into what appears to be a RV sales lot in Mabank. This thief must have very bad backing up skills because they make a turn in front of the RV, back up past the hitch, pull forward, then back up again before stopping a couple of feet in front of the hitch. They also seem to have bad brakes because you can hear them squeaking through the whole process. The thief appears to get out of the truck before the video stops.

It's hard to make out a license plate in the video so hopefully police can clean that up to maybe get a good read on who the owner of this truck is.

If you have any information that could lead to the identification of this thief and the return of the stolen RV, please contact Mabank Police at 903-887-8500 and select option 1.

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