Just yesterday, we told you about the Texas Lottery's expiring scratch-off games with millions of dollars of unclaimed prizes still available to be won. We'll share with you more details about that when you scroll down. A lucky East Texan in nearby Mabank, TX is laughing all the way to bank today as they are now a newly minted millionaire thanks to another scratch-off game.

The Winning Game Was "$1,000,000 Ultimate"

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

According to a press release we received from The Texas Lottery, a Mabank resident claimed a top prize winning ticket worth $1 million in the Texas Lottery scratch ticket game $1,000,000 Ultimate. This was the first of four top prizes worth $1 million to be claimed in this game which offers more than $233.3 million in total prizes.

The Winning Ticket Was Purchased In Terrell

Google Maps
Google Maps

The ticket was purchased at QuikTrip #993, located at 1619 State Highway 34 S., in Terrell. Of course, the claimant elected to remain anonymous which is the smart thing to do keep the scammers and new "cousins and kinfolks" from popping up out of the blue.

There's Still Huge Scratch Off Jackpots Out There


Just like we told you a previous article, there are several scratch off games expiring this month with big money still out there just waiting to be claimed. Check out a list of those games below and keep an eye out for these games because your next scratch could lead to a major payday!

Texas Lottery Expiring Scratch-Off Games (Jan. 2022)

Your next big payday could be just a scratch away!

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