I'm sure we have all tried to talk our way out of trouble with a police officer at one point or another ... But this guy took it to a whole new level when he decided to dance for the cop that pulled him over for drunk driving.

I've heard of people crying to get out of a speeding ticket, or claiming they just really needed to get to the bathroom ASAP. I've even heard of an old lady telling the officer that she needed to hurry so that she wouldn't forget where she was going before she got there.

But when this guy got pulled over for drunk driving, I guess he realized excuses weren't going to get him out of trouble with this officer. But really, who needs excuses when your dance moves are as good as his?

Too bad this is actually a video from Reno 911, huh? That would've been pretty cool if it was legit ... I was about halfway done with this post when a coworker walked by my desk and said, "Oh, that's from Reno 911 - that video is hilarious!"

So that one wasn't real, which makes sense, because if it were, it probably would've turned out like this actual arrest video below.

Warning: NSFW Language


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