'Tea Freaks,' get ready, because Free Tea Day is on the way. Here in the South, we like our sweet tea, and it doesn't get much better than FREE sweet tea. On June 21, McAlister's Deli will once again host Free Tea Day.

The date will mark the 10th anniversary of McAlister's first Free Tea Day. They are inviting customers to celebrate by now with the hashtag #cheersto10years.

When you get it in on the social celebration on instagram and twitter, you'll be entered to win 10 years of free iced tea. I mean that's a lot of tea... cheers indeed!!!

What cheers worthy moment will you share? Celebrating a Summer birthday, Father's Day or a graduation? They want to see it, and could reward you handsomely with lots and lots of tea. Tea Freaks, this is a good time to be you! Find a location near you in Tyler, Longview or Athens.

Cheers to 10 years, the celebration culminates on June 21!



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