Patrick has made another big discovery in country, he is Dillon Carmichael. He is the nephew of Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry. Big D and Bubba brought him into the studio so we all can hear Dillon's goodness.

Eddie came along, too, to kinda be Dillon's hype man. Patrick did get some beard envy from Dillon and his awesome guitarist. Which, by the way, Dillon and his band are looking for beard product endorsements.

Patrick requested that he play one his tunes called "Country Women". It's pretty darn good.

A lot of new artists like to release EP's. Those are albums that have four to six songs on them so you can get to know their music. Later, they'll release a full album. Dillon Carmichael is coming right out of the gate with a full album with ten songs.

Big D, Bubba, Patrick and Dillon got into a conversation about their fandom of Hank Williams, Jr. Which lead into this tune, "What Would Hank Do?"

Yeah, Dillon Carmichael is the real deal, folks. Find out more about him at

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