So when you hear "this game sucks" you would not want to play it. But this is Big D and Bubba we're talking about here. So when they say "this game sucks" they mean it literally. Let's take a look at why.

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Just a reminder, Big D and Bubba are professional idiots so it's best not to try this at home. If you do, please use extreme caution when playing because you just never know what could happen.

Having said that, this games does look like a little bit of fun. Here's the premise, find some medium difficulty trivia questions with a few hard ones thrown in. Take your vacuum and extensively clean it out. You do not want to inhale any leftover dust or any particles of stuff that's been sucked into that hose.

Someone will pick a question off the top of the deck or pile or whatever system you have come up with. Ask the trivia question for the contestant across from you to answer. If that person gets the answer wrong, they have to turn on the vacuum and place their lips over the opening of the hose and let their lips get sucked into said opening.

This could either be a super fun game or turn into a Monopoly situation where tables are overturned. I, for one, see this as a great way to build some company morale but would more likely turn into a company fight in the sales office. Play at your own discretion and heed the warning in bold italics.

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