Back in August, we brought you the progress of Lufkin's 'Thundering 13' Little League team in the Little League World Series. They won the U.S. Championship but fell to Japan for the World Championship.

We'll always be proud of our East Texas boys.

However, one individual decided to take it upon themselves to be selfish and steal a member of the team's equipment according to KETK.

Kolby Kovar was getting ready for a game Saturday and noticed his equipment was not in his mother's car. They also searched their house to no avail.

It had to have been stolen.

Kovar's equipment isn't special just because he used it during the Little League World Series, but because he worked hard to acquire his gear.

Manager Bud Maddux told KETK:

It makes me not only sick but mad because I know how much Kolby worked and put into getting that and it wasn't given to him, he earned it. For somebody to come along that doesn't know anything about work and just take something that's not theirs, it's pretty bad.

Kolby had a message for the thieves:

That's something I earned and nothing you earned. And I want to say that you can earn something just as good as that as long as you work hard and do the right stuff.

A middle schooler understands the importance of hard work. To you, the thief, may karma visit you 10 times over.

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