Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game of all time. The Final Fantasy series is one of my favorites in general. That and the Metal Gear Solid series. Back in 2015, it was first announced that Final Fantasy VII would be getting a full remake for modern consoles. It's been a long wait, but the game is finally done and will arrive April 10.

One thing fans have been waiting on for several months now is a demo to try out the game. A demo had been playable at various events but unless you got to travel to Las Vegas or Los Angeles or Boston, you couldn't play it. Fans, including myself, flipped out yesterday morning (March 2) when it was revealed that the demo is available to download on the PlayStation store.

Of course, I downloaded it and played through the demo a couple of times yesterday afternoon after I got off work. This game is going to be so great. It looks beautiful, it plays great and brings back so many memories playing it for the first time on the OG PlayStation in 1997.

Watch the video above to get my full reaction to the demo and some footage I captured. **I don't have a capture device, so, yes, I set my phone up in front of the TV to get the video. I'm sorry for the low quality.**

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