I love playing video games. It's a great escape from all the stupidity that's going on in the world right now. But with all the make believe that you face in a game, some of them can be extremely accurate to real life. Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of those games. A YouTuber decided to take a flight over Longview that's so accurate, you might be able to see your house in the video.

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Microsoft released their latest version of Flight Simulator recently. Now, it takes a pretty beefy PC to run the game, but if you can, you can take a virtual flight in just about any kind of plane anywhere in the world. The game is so accurate that it can even read the actual weather conditions of where you're at.

Personally, I have not played the game, only read about it. If I'm not mistaken, it uses a combination of Google Maps and other mapping sources to get your flight information. YouTuber, JoylessTunic738, decided to head out on a flight over Longview. The flight path consisted of a portion of Loop 281, over some residential areas and into the Spring Hill area. It's crazy the detail that can be picked out while the flight is in progress.

For instance, JoylessTunic738 flew over the 4th Street area and flew low and close to Lowes, Sams Club and Walmart in that area. From there, the flight went over Judson Road then over the Longview Mall. It's crazy how accurate and detailed the fly over is. Take a look at the three videos below. Each one starts with a look at the flight path. Watch them and see if it flies over your neighborhood or even your house.

Crazy Accurate Flight Over Longview Using Microsoft Flight Simulator

Who knew a video game could so accurate? Check out the detail and accuracy of Microsoft Flight Simulator as YouTuber JoylessTunic738 "flies" over Longview.

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