We've all heard about this little movie about a bunch of superheroes taking on a mad space guy. Well, I saw it Thursday night and here is what I thought.

Avengers: Infinity War is out and most likely will set many box office records. Thursday night showings have already brought in an estimated $45 million according to comicbook.com. That does fall behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens which brought in $57 million for it's Thursday night screenings. That same movie holds the all time opening weekend at just under $250 million.

Could this installment of The Avengers beat that? It's very possible.

Putting all the numbers aside, this movie has been hyped and hyped and hyped some more. We've also been following this movie universe since 2008, over the course of 18 movies. So, does it live up to the hype?

The short answer...yes.

We've been told to expect something big in the first five minutes. And boy is there something big. A true OMG moment that made me well up a little. Bring some tissues because there are some other moments like that, too, in the movie.

There is a whole range of emotions, actually, throughout this whole adventure. There are some truly super funny moments. There are some great action sequences. There are great moments amongst the heroes that are meeting for the first time. Despite my feelings for Thanos (you'll find out below), you almost empathize with him at one point.

There is a lot going on with different people in different places but it moves at a pace where you won't get lost in what's going on. You'll come away knowing everything that happened.

As someone who followed the comics growing up and have followed this universe since it began, this conclusion, so far, has been a great wrap up of all of it.

I say "so far" because this is a two part finale. Don't expect this movie to finish anything. We'll see that in May of next year.

I will have to say, once the movie finished, I turned to Shawn Knight from Hot 1073 Jamz and told him how much I hated Thanos. Thanos is not the pitiful enemy we've seen in previous Marvel films. He is evil and his actions will make you hate him as well.

I do ask that when you see it, don't spoil it. Let everyone experience it in the theater. It's just not cool to tell everyone that Batman dies.

My final verdict: Avengers: Infinity War is worth every penny of the ticket and worth all the build up we've had for the last ten years. Get your friends together and see this bit of epicness as soon as you can.

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