There have always been conspiracy theories of the military doing stuff over the skies of Texas. It's not that I don't believe the military is conducting various drills or missions over us, it's that I don't believe there is something nefarious going on because there's a weird cloud in the sky after a plane flies overhead. A few months ago, a weird "rain cloud" was captured on radar over the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex but it wasn't raining. So what was it?


This didn't stop the conspiracy theorists from jumping into the comment section. Covering up a UFO flyover was very popular. Others believed it was some kind of weather control experiment. I still find that baffling that our weather is being controlled artificially. That's very bad sci-fi movie stuff there. There were others who wondered if it would interfere with airport radar to the point they would lose aircraft positions in the air.

Is it bad for our health?

The majority of comments were wondering if the mixture of aluminum and glass would be bad for resident's health. For the most part, no. The particles of chaff are too large to be inhaled. You can see a picture of a chaff particle in this article talking about the health effects.


Whatever you believe, weird events will keep happening over our skies. Maybe it's aliens. Maybe it's a weather control experiment. Maybe it's a new COVID strain. Let your imagination run wild.

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