For those of us who watched the Country Music Awards last week, we couldn't help but notice how great Miranda Lambert looked. Miranda has lost some weight, and man does she look great! So when asked "how" she lost the weight this is what she had to say to the Huffington Post:

"People think I lost more, but I'm short," Lambert told People of her weight loss. "I'm only 5'4" so when I gain, I gain everywhere, and when I lose, I lose everywhere."

Miranda did  reveal she dropped the pounds the good old-fashioned way - exercising with a trainer and controlling her portion size. "I haven't given up everything!" she confessed. "I try to just cut everything in half."

Her husband, Blake Shelton, who has been his wife's number one supporter throughout her weight loss journey. Stated he has never had a problem with any way Miranda has looked. He thinks she looks fabulous all the time. Good husband, right girls!?