This is something that most people who live in Texas have known forever; Texas is amazing. There really is so much to do and see in the lone star state, partly because it’s gigantic. The state of Texas has so much to offer, whether you’re into arts, sports, or just want some alone time to relax you can find exactly what you need here. But evidently that is not a surprise to anyone as Texas was just ranked in the top 12 most fun states by Americans in a list created by Have Clothes, Will Travel. 

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Just like most people living in Texas I really wasn’t shocked to see our home state make the list of the most fun states, but I was still curious as to where we would land on the list. Unfortunately, Texas wasn’t ranked the number one most fun state but I think that is okay, we have plenty of people visiting to or moving to the state of Texas already, we don’t have to let everyone know Texas is the best. Although after having lived in the state they claim to be number one, I would choose Texas over their choice every time. 

How Did They Create the Most Fun States List? 

This list was created by comments from travelers who have visited these places and had positive reviews. It’s always nice to hear that people have come to see Texas and had a great time while being here.  

Let’s Look at the Most Fun States List 

Here is a look at the list of the most fun states according to travelers who have visited these places and had wonderful things to say about them. Let’s see where Texas landed on the list.  

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