Life can feel like a repetitive grind for so many of us. It can often feel like an endless loop of going to work, going home for a few hours and doing it all over again. Which is why we need to find ways to have more fun and not spend so much time at work. But when Zippia recently released the list of the most stressed cities in each state I assumed that one of the big cities in Texas would take the top spot, but I was wrong. 


It wasn’t Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio that claimed the top spot for the most stressed city in Texas. When I found that information then I wanted to know what metrics were used when coming up with this list. When forming this list Zippia was looking at unemployment numbers, number of hours worked, commute times, income-to-home price ratio, and finally the percentage of uninsured population. These are all great metrics to use when coming up with the list of most stressed cities. 

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So, What City in Texas Took the Top Spot? 

According to the data collected the most stressed city in Texas is Nacogdoches. In fact, they landed at #5 in the country. They found that Nacogdoches locals have long work weeks and not a great income-to-home-price ratio. But they do have short commute times on average only being about 14 minutes. 

Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work 

As a workaholic myself, I must often remind myself that life isn’t about being at work. Have fun with friends and family, because life is going fast. When it’s all over we’re not going to look back and wish we had spent more time at work. Take care of business and then take time to relax and enjoy. 

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