Judy Viger, 33, of New York was arrested and charged with five counts of endangering welfare of a child after she purchased and arranged for surprise strippers to perform at her son's 16th birthday party.

South Glens Falls police arrested the mother at a local bowling alley in November.  Viger allegedly hired two adult performers to dance with and on the teens at the birthday party, and parents of the teens in attendance had no idea.

Photos of the party were reported to show "scantily-clan and tattooed" women clinging upside down to a seated teenager. The party was comprised of both young boys and young girls.

Authorities apparently witnessed several parents and teens of the party, and some of the teens in attendance were as young as 13 years old.

The owner of the company that provided the hired adult entertainment for the party claims that the entire thing was "blown way out of proportion".

The strippers had no idea that the party contained underage minors.

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