While my pockets may feel a little empty these days, I still love browsing through our community 'garage' sales. After all, one person's junk can be someone else's treasure. If you don't believe me, just look at the HiWay80 Garage Sale or First Monday Trade Days in Canton.

In the Facebook community group called Tyler Online Garage Sale, there is a 1972, beautifully restored Chevelle SS 454 currently for sale. It was posted two days ago and is still available, though the seller has let me know that two people have expressed strong interest for the vehicle. The current asking price is $35,000 but the seller Jeff Crane says it is negotiable for real buyers.

I've wanted this car since the moment I considered driving but since I can't have it, maybe my misfortune is someone else's good luck.

A few people left some great comments including:

  • Melissa: 'My dream car. Are you married lol'
  • Brent: 'Great looking car. Engine compartment has the correct cooling hose clamps. Should not have any problem selling it. Good luck!'
  • David: What an awesome car. It's a shame GM don't make them like that anymore.

For more information, check out the post from the seller at the Tyler Online Garage Sale Facebook marketplace.

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