It's not that I don't support the president-elect, I just flat out don't care. I don't care about Donald Trump, I didn't care about president Obama, I didn't care about President Bush. I. Just. Don't. Care. About. Politics. And frankly, the way this country makes such a big deal about politics is completely asinine. So yes, I've got way better things to do.

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So every network and news channel will be covering the inauguration ad nauseam on Wednesday (January 20). Talking heads will make their predictions of what Biden will do on his first day, his one hundredth day, his first year. Talking heads will talk about how "historic" the day is like we've never had a president before. People, the president of the United States is not the big deal you, or the media, is making it out to be. Sorry, it's not. Here is what will be taking up my time instead.

The Big Bang Theory

The best television show since Seinfeld is in syndication on TBS. I'll be watching whichever episode for the umpteenth time because it's a great show and funny every time I watch it. I may even pull it up on HBO Max to watch without commercials.


This is a fantastic game that started on the XBox, then Nintendo Switch and now on the PlayStation 4. It is difficult but a fun difficult. I will turn this on for some brief spells while binging The Big Bang Theory.


Man sleeping

I will be sleeping soundly because I won't be in a fake uproar over who is in the oval office.

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