This review is my personal opinion on Whataburger's new product. Whataburger did not pay for my meal nor for me to give this review.

Sure, I'm a Whataburger fanboy. Anytime a trip to Whataburger is suggested, I will not turn it down. I was very disappointed when they took away my breakfast staple, the Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit. I've survived, though, and just go with the regular biscuit now. My favorite for a dinner is the #5, Whataburger with cheese and bacon, onion rings, drink and Jalapeno Ranch to dip the rings in. Perfection. Whataburger introduced a new item recently, the Breakfast Bowl, so I decided to give it a try. I've got lots of good, and some bad, to say about it.

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The Whataburger Breakfast Bowl

I say the post on the Whataburger Facebook page about their new breakfast item, the Breakfast Bowl, but didn't read any more about what was in it. Just by looking at it, you see scrambled eggs, sausage (or bacon if you prefer), shredded cheese, gravy, a biscuit and hash browns. That's a pretty hardy setup.

When I first opened the bowl, I noticed the biscuit on top. At first I thought it was just the top half. It wasn't until I got a couple of dips down that I noticed the bottom of the biscuit.

A Minor Nit Pick

Nothing against bacon but I went with sausage for this one. It is a full sausage patty like you would get on any other breakfast sandwich. I like it but I think it would be a nice touch if it was cut up. I'm sure you could ask for them to do that when ordering it. That's just a nit pick, though, and didn't take away from the flavor.

The Surprise Turn Off

One thing that did kinda throw me off guard, which I didn't think would do it in the least, was the cheese. Look, I'm all about some cheese. I'll eat shredded cheese straight out of the bag or grab a couple pieces of sliced cheese as a snack. But that cheese just didn't mix well with the gravy for me. The next time I order a bowl, I will go no cheese.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, I think its a great item for the breakfast menu. The Breakfast Bowl is not overly imaginative as I'm sure a lot of you have ordered the breakfast platter and mixed everything together just like this. I think it would be safe to assume that this idea was inspired by a customer doing. I will get another one but without the cheese next time.

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