Longview natives, Simeon Whitten and Ricardo Buchanan, creators of the MyView movement, do an excellent job capturing the lives and passions of the folks of Longview.  Recently they conducted an exclusive interview that left many viewers in shock.

 We've seen him all over Longview for years and probably wondered who he is and what his story may be. On any given day, regardless of weather conditions, he can be seen standing on the corner in a hat; white, long-sleeve, button-down shirt; and tie waving around his bible in one hand and sign in the other while yelling to passing drivers and pedestrians. Many have called him crazy. MyView calls him "The Street Preacher".

After almost 17 years of street preaching in Longview, and serving as the Benevolence Pastor & overseer of the janitorial department overseer at Longview Baptist Temple, Mr. Dexter Landers speaks.  Watch and listen as Dexter "The Street Preacher" Landers tells his story!