Whataburger is a Texas original. Personally, I am a fan of their burgers and always will be. I will get into the meat (I always intend my puns) of this article below with a bit of a twist afterwards that some may find offensive. Whataburger is getting ready to celebrate a big milestone and wants you to receive a present. That present would be a free Whataburger. Here's how you can take advantage of that, and help families with school lunches, while celebrating Whataburger in Tyler, Texas.

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National Whataburger Day

Harmon Dodson opened the first Whataburger August 8, 1950 in Corpus Christi. Since that time, Whataburger spread across Texas then into the other southern states and recently has started expanding across the country. Their combination of great tasting breakfast items and burgers available 24 hours a day has kept the popularity of the Texas born and bred burger joint a favorite for millions of fans. To celebrate Whataburger's 73rd birthday, Whataburger has named August 8 as National Whataburger Day and is offering a great deal, a charitable initiative and a fun way to remember the day.

How Whataburger is Celebrating the Day

August 7 or 8, Whataburger will giving away free Whataburgers to the members of Whataburger Rewards. Basically, if you have the Whataburger app and earn points with your orders, you'll be able to get a free Whataburger. Whataburger has also teamed up with All for Lunch to pay off $73,000 in school lunch debt. When you come into a Whataburger store on August 8, you will be able to get a special table tent to mark the occasion while supplies last. Those tents will also be available to anyone who makes a purchase in the Whatastore on August 8. They will also have the opportunity for you to visit Whataburger's home office in San Antonio to get a behind the scenes peek at what's coming soon.

Get all the details on celebrating National Whataburger Day HERE.

Now for the Controversy

Back in 2019, it was announced that Whataburger had sold to Chicago based BDT Capital Partners. Why? Because the Texas burger giant wanted to expand outside of the southern areas they had already spread their burger goodness to. So many people thought that the world was about to come to an end. There were people literally believing that Chicago-style hot dogs and Chicago style pizza were being added to the Whataburger menu.

Its 2023 and That Hasn't Happened

I laughed at a former co-worker when he said that Whataburger had changed since the "sell to Chicago." The only thing that changed was this false perception that Whataburger was changing and so Whataburger had changed. Folks, it's stayed the same since that sale. "They messed up my order the other day. Whataburger is awful now." Whataburger messed it up or did a worker at Whataburger mess it up? That's two completely different things.

That's my Hill to Die On

Everyone has one or two beliefs that nothing will change their mind about, mine is that Whataburger never went downhill since the sell. They haven't. Period. Are there better burgers in East Texas? Yes. Will Whataburger always be a Top 5 burger for me? Also yes. Enjoy wherever you get your burger from my friends. Just know that I will always sing the praises of Whataburger.

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