Whataburger is one third of the Texas Holy Trinity, the other two being H-E-B and Buc-ee's. While not every town has an H-E-B or Buc-ee's, just about every town has a Whataburger. I make no bones about my Whataburger fandom. Anytime a trip to Whataburger is suggested, I will not turn it down. My favorite for a dinner is the #5; Whataburger with cheese and bacon, onion rings, drink and Jalapeno Ranch to dip the rings in. Perfection. I can eat that sitting in the uniquely themed Whataburger dining rooms or take it home to eat. A new concept store is coming to Austin, Texas that will eliminate the dining room.

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Whataburger Locations

Whataburger is currently in 373 cities in 14 states with a total of 905 locations. Texas obviously dominates that statistic with 712 locations in the state. So yeah, its hard to imagine that a city or town in Texas would not have at least one Whataburger there. Tyler, for instance, has a population of just over 106,000 and has twelve Whataburger locations to choose from. That puts Tyler at number eight of cities with the most Whataburger locations. I say all this to point out it's not hard to go inside a Whataburger and enjoy a meal.

Whataburger Digital Kitchen

Whataburger is trying out a new concept that will eliminate the need for a dining room. It's called Whataburger Digital Kitchen and the experimental store will open the first ever location soon at 3201 Bee Caves Road in Austin (mysanantonio.com). Basically, you'll be able to walk up to a kiosk and make your order and then pick it up in a designated box when it's ready. You will also be able to order through the Whataburger app and pick it up this way.

We’re excited to introduce Whataburger’s first digital kitchen in Austin's Bee Cave to allow for newer, faster and more convenient ways to serve our guests while providing an elevated digital experience. - Whataburger Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Alexander Ivannikov

Before you jump to conclusions, this store will not be all robots and AI, there will be about 50 human employees working inside to fix the orders coming in. No opening date has been set for this high techy Whataburger but if it's successful, I would assume we could see more of these stores including in East Texas.

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