As we have all seen there are lots of Airbnb rental available in Texas, lots of them offering a unique setting to create some memories. But this one I found in Lumberton, Texas has to be high on the list, especially as it has over 130+ reviews and scoring 4.89 out of a possible 5 stars. While I have never stayed at the Naturalist Boudoir Airbnb myself after looking at all the photos below and seeing what is offered, it won’t be long until I take a trip to Lumberton, TX for my own relaxing retreat.

The Naturalist Boudoir vacation rental is exactly what you’re looking for when you think of disconnecting from work and especially if you just want to spend time with your spouse. I see many reviews online talking about how romantic the property is, and how it’s the perfect place to visit if you're looking for privacy or love staying connected with nature.

Details About the Naturalist Boudoir Airbnb in Lumberton, TX

It was alarming to me when I looked at the Airbnb listing and didn’t see photos but that made me want to see this rental even more and I was able to locate photos on the Naturalist Boudoir Facebook page. The host Alina was quick to respond and was very nice to let me post her photos to share.

Some Real Reasons You Want to Stay at the Naturalist Boudoir

The outdoor hot tub and shower are just the start, then you add the swinging bed and you will understand why so many people think of this place as a romantic and relaxing getaway. This place will cost you $220 per night before fees and taxes, here are some photos if you’re looking for a getaway.

Naturalist Boudoir Rental in Lumberton, Texas

This is a perfect rental when looking to relax in Lumberton, Texas

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