Sometimes, you just need an activity that allows you to just sort of unplug from the world around you. It's an activity that doesn't require much thinking, but just gives you the chance to sit back and enjoy life.

If you're having trouble finding something like that, don't worry, we found one for you.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has set up a live feed online of what they're calling the "West Texas Hummingbird Feeder Cam". It's located just outside of Fort Davis, up in the mountains.

It's literally just a constant feed of hummingbird feeders, and the hummingbirds that are coming by to drink from them - and occasionally bees, too. I know it might sound boring to you, but watching how those tiny little birds interact with one another can be quite entertaining. And, like I mentioned before, it can be a pretty good, relaxing activity.

Disclaimer: If you're not a bird person, then this is NOT the activity for you, obviously.

If you're interested in checking out the West Texas Hummingbird Feeder Cam, you can check it out at They are the ones responsible for creating the hummingbird feeders that you'll see on the live feed. The link to the live feed can be found below:

So, just take some time and go watch the birds for a bit. It's not a bad way to kill some time, and to relax a bit.

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