The 2021-2022 NFL season kicks off this Thursday with the Dallas Cowboys traveling to Tampa Bay to face the defending Super Bowl Champ Buccaneers lead again by Tom Brady. I thought it would be fun revisit a great video from Bad Lip Reading on YouTube,  2021 NFL season. There is even a musical number to close out the hilarity featuring, among others, Ezekiel Elliott and Patrick Mahomes. Hilarity does ensue.

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The 2021 NFL season was certainly an interesting one. Masks being worn on the sidelines, stadiums with either no fans or just a small amount in the seats, our Dallas Cowboys disappointing us yet again. It ended with arguably the greatest, and probably most hated, quarterback ever winning his seventh Super Bowl.

But even with all that, the folks at Bad Lip Reading came up with another gem of a video. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are featured quite a bit. Patrick "talks" about worms, quicksand and wondering who the new idiot is. Brady wants to talk to Tyrann Mathieu's girlfriend to show her all his rings.

In addition to the players "introducing" themselves, we have Matt Ryan calling out for  Ricky and asking where his bunny is. Apparently Ezekiel Elliot has a side gig because he will do anything you ask him. Tyrann Mathieu is really concerned about someone being in the bathtub.

This Bad Lip Reading does not disappoint. Their YouTube channel is a rabbit hole of hilarity. Check out the many Star Wars videos, including the huge hit "Seagulls! (Stop It Now," Redneck Avengers and Stranger Things. Enjoy the laughter, friends.

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