This precious 5-year-old Dachshund tipped the scales at 77 pounds a few weeks ago. He was so chubby he needed a harness to hold him in so his body didn’t drag on the ground, and even a few steps wore him out.

Back in August, Obie was so overweight he could barely move. The 5-year-old dog weighed 77 pounds, and the elderly couple who owned him relinquished him because they realized they could no longer care for him. Portland-based Dachshund Rescue, stepped in and offered to care for Obie. The rescue mission found Obie a foster home with Nora Vanatta, a former Vet technician who now works as an EMT.

Well, it seems the relationship with the rescue mission and Vanatta has disintegrated in recent weeks as Obie has become a television and Internet star.

The rescue mission says Vanatta is making money off of Obie's appearances on TV and Vanatta says she is only collecting money to help with Obie's weight loss.

The battle for Obie has gotten so out of hand that the Washington County Circuit Court will decide Obie’s home on Monday.

Can we just concentrate on poor Obie, and help him get healthy so he can live a normal life? Is allowing your pet to become so unhealthy animal cruelty? Why haven't we heard about charges against the original owners? That's my question.

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