Did you know the oldest operational Dairy Queen location is right here at home in East Texas?

I had no idea, but I was delighted to hear it. Interestingly, the oldest continuously working Dairy Queen can be found in Henderson, Texas at 1215 US-79 N. But if you were to drive by and take a look you'd never be able to tell necessarily.

The most recent photo of the DQ location in Henderson, TX shows it has been recently updated into the most modern DQ manifestation. However, they're still serving all of those recipes we've loved for so many years once you walk through that door.

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Rob Beall is the owner of the Henderson, TX DQ, as well as several others in East Texas.

The Henderson, TX DQ opened its doors in 1950. And while it isn't the oldest DQ in Texas, it does have the distinction of being the oldest OPERATING DQ in Texas--and operating is what matters most to us because that means we can still get all of the Hungerbusters, Dudes, and signature DQ ice cream cones that we want.

And speaking of the Dude, as well as their iconic Steak Finger Basket, those weren't invented until the 1960s and they've been a huge hit ever since.

The original walk-in cooler is still in the location, though, which is pretty darn neato for history lovers like myself. Next time you're in the area, pop through the drive-thru. The sign itself says "The Oldest DQ in Texas." And as you're waiting for your food (hopefully not too long, though it is worth it), check out the old photos and stories they've shared for waiting customers.

Before Rob Beall owned the Henderson, TX DQ, it was owned by Gene Brumbelow who had been tasked with bringing the location out of the 1950s, according to a report from TheTexasBucketList.com. 

“We protected the original footprint, but made it a little nicer and cuter." ~Gene Brumbelow to TheTexasBucketList.com

Ready to learn more of the charming details? Check out this quick little video below:

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