A Texas Roadhouse employee has been fired after sparking online outrage regarding an offensive tweet.

Megan Olson, it appears, was not tipped to her liking and took to Twitter to express her discontent with her customers:

 "If we had a real life purge I would kill as many Mexicans as I could in one night #learnhowtotipyouf---ingtw---"

Her Twitter account, @MeganCjOlson, has since been deleted but not before she weathered the ire of thousands of Twitter and Facebook users.

The restaurant was inundated with complaints with many patrons calling for her termination.  Texas Roadhouse agreed, issuing a statement on their official Facebook page:

"This employee has been terminated as discrimination of any sort is not tolerated at Texas Roadhouse."

Texas Roadhouse later elaborated on the incident, further explaining how seriously they took matters of discrimination/hate speech.

"Our managing partner was actually mowing his lawn when he was alerted," Travis Doster, company spokesman, told KMGH-TV. "He immediately rushed to the restaurant, met with the employee who posted this disgusting tweet and she was terminated."

If you have ever worked in a service industry where tipping is expected, you certainly know how frustrating getting stiffed on a bill can be.  However, the takeaway from the story is this:  complain about it to your co-workers, friends and family if you like - but don't take to social media to air your grievances.