Retirement is something that many look forward to. For some, it just means eternal relaxation time. For others, it means accomplishing something just to do it. The latter is what this retired couple is doing. They are traveling across the country to visit every Texas Roadhouse restaurant. Their stop at the Amarillo, Texas location will be the halfway mark of their journey.

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McNamara's Retirement

Judy McNamara retired in 2017. Her and her husband Mike, like many of us, are big fans of Texas Roadhouse. They decided instead of just sitting around the house, they would travel across the United States and visit every Texas Roadhouse location, which is just over 600. Their planned stop at the Amarillo location will be number 300.

Amarillo Texas Roadhouse - Google Maps
Amarillo Texas Roadhouse - Google Maps

That's a Lot of Cinnamon Butter and Rolls

So far, the retired couple has visited 293 Texas Roadhouse locations across 39 states ( 40 of those visits have come this year. With just over a month left in 2022, the McNamaras have 60 more planned out for that time period.

The food is just like home cooking to us. We don’t like fancy cuisine or fine dining. Texas Roadhouse fits the bill of good country home cooking and is family oriented. - Judy McNamara

Personally, I am a fan of their sirloin. Usually I get either the six or eight ounce sirloin with a side of green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy or macaroni and cheese. Of course I fill up on too many rolls with their cinnamon butter while I'm waiting. Their Chicken Critters are really good as is their country fried chicken.

What are the McNamara's Favorites?

They are big fans of several of Texas Roadhouse' menu items. Those include the sirloin, Chicken Critters, herb chicken, pulled pork, Porch Chops and ribs. They always have to have a side salad to go along with it, you know, to make it healthy and stuff.

Good luck to the couple on their Texas Roadhouse journey.

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