When people say orange is the new black, the last thing you would be thinking about is Halloween Christmas trees. Yes, that's the new trendy thing now.

Millwood Pines via Wayfair.com
Millwood Pines via Wayfair.com

Orange Halloween Christmas trees are already on sale on several sites, and I've heard that Walmart is going to start selling them, too.I found this one for sale on Wayfair for about $73 bucks.

I used to have the CUTEST Christmas tree. It as about 3-ft. tall and it was fiber optic, so it sparkled with different colored lights when you plugged it in the socket. That little white Christmas tree lasted me a good thirteen years. I miss it so! I had to get rid of it last year when I realized that the lights would no longer light up and there was no way to replace them without taking the entire thing apart, branch by branch. (What a ripoff!)

I suppose companies are whipping out the Halloween stuff now because it's not like we're going to be doing a lot of "Trick or Treating" anytime soon for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic. Might as well get a good start now on making costumes, choosing your candy buckets, and decorating the house with a big ole eyesore orange tree.

I have one friend named Liz who says Halloween is her favorite holiday out of them all, so she is going to get a BIG kick out of discovering that these orange trees are running amok. They are kind of spendy, I've seen the prices range from around $90 bucks to over $150.

If I can find one that's 3-ft. tall and fiber optic, I'm going to snag it (and likely use it for the next thirteen Christmases and Halloweens)!

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