We see people do it from time to time here in the state of Texas, but is it ever legal to pass a vehicle on the right in Texas?

If this question made you pause and try to recollect what you learned in Driver's Education years ago, you're not alone. When I think back to taking my course in Tyler, Texas, I only remember learning that you pass on the left. For Pete's sake (whoever he is), we see the 'left lane for passing signs' all over the place.

Interesting sidebar: Although many of us think of the left lane as the 'high-speed lane,' technically we are supposed to pass on the left and then return to our original lane. 

So although we learned that we are to use the left lane for passing, we do see people pass on the right from time to time. Usually, it isn't a big deal. On occasion I have seen people passing so wildly on the right, then left, and so on, I half expect to see them become a hovercraft and fly away in their apparent frenzy. (To be honest, when drivers seem THAT frantic I wish they would fly away--because they can pose a serious threat to public safety.)

But when it comes to the occasion pass on the right, is that legal in Texas?

There are exceptions when, although it's against the law to pass on the right, it is permitted according to Texas Law.

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So what is one situation when is it permitted to pass via the right lane of traffic?

One scenario where you are permitted to pass on the right is when "you’re driving on a highway with at least two unobstructed lanes or a one-way street with enough room for two cars to travel side-by-side. However, you can only do so if the vehicle you’re passing is turning or about to turn left," according to Texas attorney, Brian White.

Also, you're not allowed to leave the main part of the road to make a pass--so NO passing on the sidewalk, shoulder of the road, or bike line, etc. While those things might seem like common sense, you and I both know that common sense isn't always so common.

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