At this point some smart network television exec needs to come in and buy Nate Coon's Home Room Sessions - like John Kransikis's "Some Good News." Have you been keeping up with these? It's gotta be worth $20 million, easy, and how rad would it be to watch 'em in full 30 minute episodes? That's binge-worthy TV.

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Everyone from Wade Bowen, Aaron Watson, and Josh Weathers have participated and with the videos usually clocking in at around two minutes, it's never been enough to satisfy our greedy ears.

Up next Nate Coon, whose regular job is drumming for Aaron Watson, brought in Pat Green. Alongside Courtney Patton, bustin' her butt on backup vocals, Alex Weeden#Tbay, and Ben Jackson, the GOAT and company owns this cover of Bob Seger's "Hollywood NIghts." Enjoy!

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