Stephen King is one of my favorite authors - Pet Cemetery, The Stand, The Green Mile, It - are some of my favorite books of his. Most of the time, the movies based on his works have not been that great. It was one of those when it was released in 1990. Bad doesn't begin to describe it.

However, I know a lot of people who developed a phobia of clowns after that movie. The book scared me, the movie, not so much. But not to the point to where clowns freak me out.

A new It movie is in theaters and early reviews call it a pretty good horror movie.

Some fans have gone to the extreme side with this movie. For example, in Pennsylvania, some people tied red balloons to sewer grates, the calling card for Pennywise, the clown from It.

I'll give them some props for imagination for this prank, but the police weren't so happy about it.

Thursday (September 7), Alamo Drafthouse in Forth Worth is hosting an "It Opening Night Circus" where attendees can get their picture taken with Pennywise, receive red balloons and more.

The creepy clown fascination seems to be front and center with the new season of American Horror Story, too. Twisty is back from Freak Show along with a host of other clowns up to murder and mayhem.

If you have a phobia of clowns, this post has probably made you throw your laptop through the window.

Look, I have a phobia of spiders but yet, one of my favorite movies is Arachnophobia.

Yes, I still watch it. Yes, I still get the creepy crawlies when viewing. Getting them now just thinking about it.

But creepy clown time is upon us. And with Halloween around the corner, it won't end anytime soon. So if you're thinking about dressing up as a clown and freaking people out in Texas like last year, you will not be welcomed with open arms.

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