Down in Bellville, Texas in Austin County, one little hamburger restaurant has been getting a whole lot of attention as of late--Trump Burger.

Trump Burger of Bellville opened back in 2020 by a "hard-working second generation family" who is devoted to preparing and serving some of the best burgers in Texas. They are quite clear on their website that they are "passionate Trump supporters who believe in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. It's because of the VALUES that Trump DEFENDS that we have the opportunity to thrive!"

They even brand their buns with 'Trump' as you may have seen in the featured photo. 

Trump Burger
Trump Burger

Because of their strong support for the former President of the United States, Trump Burger has been getting quite a bit of attention from supporters of well as those who oppose him.

People have been tweeting their opinions about Trump Burger in Bellville, Texas. Both good, hugely good...and not so good. But those opinions are more political than culinary in nature.

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storyHere's the original tweet:
Goodness. Strong feelings, eh? Another tweeter who goes by Nita Cosby jokingly shared this:

Although there were many other tweets along those same tonal lines, others chimed in with their support for Trump Burger, and/or for the former President.


We've spent some time perusing the photos of some of Trump Burger's menu items and wherever one stands politically, you're likely to agree these are some good-looking Black Angus burgers.

Here are a few photos of some of the top sellers on their menu:

PHOTOS: People Can't Stop Talking About Trump Burger in Bellville, Texas

Because of their support for the former President, Trump Burger has been getting much attention--both good and bad. Regardless, those burgers look great. Let's take a look at some of their most popular menu items.

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