Just imagine preparing for a fun day on the lake, throwing a line in the water and hoping to catch a big one. Then next thing you know you find the big one on your fish finder but it’s not a fish, instead it’s a truck that was at the bottom of the lake.  

That’s exactly what happened to one fisherman according to the Jacksonville, Texas Police Department on a recent social media post. The 1999 Ford F-150 Pickup was found in approximately 25 feet of water near Buckner Dam on Lake Jacksonville.  

How Did the Truck End Up at the Bottom of Lake Jacksonville? 

That’s the question that everyone wants to know, but as of now no one has any real answers. According to the Jacksonville Progress, after locating the owner of the truck law enforcement found that the truck was stolen back in 2014. As expected, the investigation into the truck and the theft of the truck are still under investigation. 

Multiple People Helped Get the Truck Out of Lake Jacksonville 

There were divers from Watermark Designs Marine that jumped into Lake Jacksonville and relayed the license plate number to law enforcement who then searched and discovered the vehicle hadn’t been reported stolen. Isaacs Wrecker service was able to pull the truck from the lake and take it to the police station for further investigation. It seems as though the truck was probably in the lake for years, but there are still lots of questions regarding how the truck ended up in Lake Jacksonville. 

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