How Did No One See This Happening at the Walmart in Jacksonville, Texas?

That's one of the questions on our minds regarding this sad situation.

Granted, in a store as big as a Walmart, we know there are some hours of the day where even a big box store is more sparsely populated. At the same time, it's hard to imagine that no one would notice whoever these ne'er do well's are vandalizing merchandise--or at the very least HEARING them do it.

A few days ago, Tyler Spell of Jacksonville, Texas, his wife, and their one-year-old were out doing some shopping and looking at kids' bikes when they happened upon the unfortunate results of someone using their free time to destroy a couple of kid's play vehicles in the bike and/or toy area of the Jacksonville Walmart.

Just imagine taking your little one to buy a new bike and finding THIS had happened.

Maybe whoever did this was really bored. Maybe they were taking out their frustrations. Perhaps they were a disgruntled ex-employee trying to find a way to "get back" at someone.

Tyler Spell described those who did this as "worthless garbage humans whose parents failed at instilling morals." Maybe so. Whatever the case, it is absolutely despicable and frankly, rather pathetic behavior.

What's going on in Jacksonville right now? Between this and hearing about the ongoing issues with some dork-fish shooting out hard-working people's business windows, it sounds like we need to have a little intervention.

Sending love to our Jacksonville, Texas neighbors who are having to deal with this kind of behavior.

Have you experienced anything like this as of late? Please let us know so we can help build awareness on behalf of the majority of East Texans who are doing the best they can. And a shout-out to law enforcement in Jacksonville who is doing all they can to bring resolution to these situations.

Here's more information regarding the ongoing issue with people in Jacksonville having their windows shot out:

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