The world needs more generous people like the fans of the very popular online character known as 'Pop'. If you're not familiar with 'Pop' his name is Joe Mack Roy and he has been using his charming personality to grow his audience to millions of people online. Pop lives in Longview with his sweetheart of a bride known as 'Nan'. The videos are created by Jason Roy, who is a grandson of Pop. Recently, Pop had to travel to Dallas for a medical procedure and while things took longer than expected upon arriving back home and visiting one of his favorite restaurants there was a generous gift waiting for Pop.

It's one of the sweetest things I've seen online in a long time so I wanted to make sure I shared the kind story with you. Pop had recently been made the trip to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas to have a procedure on his throat. While it took a few days longer than expected for Pop to be released he is doing well now.

Pop Had a Surprise Waiting For Him at One of His Favorite Restaurants

After being released from the hospital Jason helped Pop get back home to Longview. He was recovering and still wanting to go on more adventures around town. Jason then was grabbing food from Papacita's in Longview and as they were getting ready to pay for their meal an employee said there was a gift card waiting for Pop and Nan from a good Samaritan.

This Kind of Generosity is Fantastic to See in Longview

We will never know who left this gift card for Pop, and it really doesn't matter. But how great is it that people are looking out for each other. This is the type of Southern Hospitality that needs to be recognized which is exactly why I wanted to share it with you.

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