What is the best way to celebrate 'Pop' getting one year old, it's probably going to take a drive around East Texas and an ice cold Dr. Pepper. Those are two of his favorite things and why not celebrate one of the biggest social media influencers here in East Texas as he celebrated his 88th birthday over the weekend. That's right, Joe Mack Roy known as 'Pop' enjoyed another trip around the sun this past weekend and lots of his fans helped him celebrate his day.

For many people like myself 'Pop' has become that grandparent we no longer have around. He is the sweet old man that isn't afraid to tell you how it is, which is exactly what we need more of in this world. 'Pop' was born on October 3rd, 1933 and he spent his day being showered by fans with nice comments as close to 50,000 people took the time to wish him a Happy Birthday!

If You Want to Send 'Pop' from Pop Watch Something in the Mail, Here is His Address

Pop has been gifted many things and his fans love sending him more. If you want to send something to Pop to wish him Happy Birthday or to just say hi, you can send him stuff at P.O. Box 5728 in Longview, TX 75608. If you're not sure what Pop will like, anything that has to do with Dr. Pepper or a baseball cap is always a good idea.

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We Are Wishing Pop Nothing But The Best For the Upcoming Year

This kind older gentleman puts so many of us in a great mood just by watching his videos. We are wishing nothing but the best for our favorite East Texas online celebrity, and in the famous words of 'Pop', "Get Back in the House".

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