This is not necessarily a news story, but we're posting this in the hopes that it prevents one. A Facebook group dedicated to reuniting lost pets in Tyler posted earlier today about potential dog thieves in the East Texas area.

Initially posted in the community app called Next Door, the group Lost And Found Cats And Dogs of Tyler, TX shared the screenshot to its 16,000 local followers. Hopefully it's a false alarm, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take precautions to keep your pets safe.

The poster, Lynda Barron, describes an ordeal her cousin witnessed in Chapel Hill last week. She said she saw two 'heavyset' men trying to lure her two dogs with treats at the gate. The men had parked their car (an old jeep postmen use) down the street. When she yelled at them to stop, they took off.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office has been notified.

Lost And Found Cars And Dogs of Tyler, TX said in its post that too much of this goes on in the Tyler area. Lock your gates, keep them inside when no one is around and keep an eye out for your neighbors' pets too.


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