From Dallas, TX, on out west, much of Texas is just now experiencing its first taste of freezing cold this fall. It snuck up on us fast, and it's a great time for a parental public service announcement, and maybe some Baby: 101 for all of us.

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There is an important post that's going viral from Mom Advice this week, and it serves as a great reminder on a few different fronts.

  1. Don't strap your child into a car seat while they are wearing a winter coat.
  2. The cold doesn't make one sick.
  3. Being a parent is tough.
  4. Don't judge parents, especially if you aren't up to the task.

The post reads:

Yearly PSA  if you see a child going from a warm car into a warm building without a coat, it is fine.
The mother is probably educated in car seat safety and knows that their child should not wear a winter coat in a car seat. She probably also knows that it would quite literally take more time to get the child out of the car seat, and fight to get them into a winter coat then it would to just run into the warm building.
She probably also has a blanket for her child to help keep nice and cozy in the car, maybe even wraps them in it to get into their destination. She probably also understands how illnesses work and knows that cold air does not make you sick.

So, let this be a little reminder, mom and dad, don't make travelling with babies and toddlers harder than it already is this winter. If it's a short walk to the car, try not putting him in his winter coat before you walk out the door. Just remember to, after he is safely buckled in, to place their coat or a blanket over them.

And remember, parents, through it all to allow yourself just a little grace.

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